Toutes les illustrations et les images sont protégées par le droit d'auteur © 2016-2017 Carole Lessard / All artwork and photographs are copyright © 2016-2017 Carole Lessard


Why paint cows?

Cows and flowers have always been favourite subjects of mine.  For me bringing a painting to life requires a deep sense of mental connection with the subject as well as careful observation. Being passionate about these animals and overwhelmed by their size and grace, I often spend days with them on neighbouring farms trying to capture their essence. I begin with photographs and sketches taken at the scene, then I edit to make a stronger composition.

I focus mainly on their heads, big eyes and facial expressions rather than take a traditional view. Cows aren't just brown, black and white, they graze around in coat colors of purple, crimson and quinacridone gold. When you take a closer look, cows have an individual response that is quite intriguing. There is something peaceful and nurturing about them. I try to convey the different aspects of their personality in my paintings. You can't resist their shy curiosity, docile gazes and awkward elegance. They are magnificent beasts.

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