Toutes les illustrations et les images sont protégées par le droit d'auteur © 2016-2017 Carole Lessard / All artwork and photographs are copyright © 2016-2017 Carole Lessard


Carole Lessard has always had a passion for the subjects she paints. Her constant search for bold subjects with high visual impact , her use of close-up views and sensitive attention to detail has helped create a unique style in most of her work.

Possessing the ability to work with a variety of media including watercolor and acrylic on canvas have made her work original. Her love and control of the water mediums reflects her personal commitment to technical excellence.

Mostly now known for her lighthearted cow portraits, some of her paintings were selected for travelling exhibitions across the province and awarded several juror and public prizes such as  the Ottawa Watercolor Society and the Visual Arts Gala at the Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal. Recently her work was featured on the Radio Canada News television broadcast and Global Montreal Morning show.

A native Montrealer, Carole Lessard presently lives and paints in the Montérégie region of Coteau-du-Lac where she is surrounded by a rural and inspirational environment.

‘’Painting is a means of expressing what I see and feel, it is that emotional reaction and personal vision I hope my viewers will sense. My artwork is meant to make people smile…….’’

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